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Hotmail was rebranded to Microsoft

Hotmail (renamed as Windows Live Hotmail) is one of the most popular online service, which is provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is known as Webmail and the users can access from a computer browser in any places all over the World. 

What happened with Hotmail?

In 2012, Microsoft released and then replaced Windows Live Hotmail in 2013. Nowadays, the link url directs user to login all accounts of Microsoft (included Sore, OneDrive, MSN, Skype, and other services). 

The history of Hotmail

Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and launched as MSN Hotmail, later rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail.  In August, 2012, Microsoft revamped Hotmail and renamed the service as Now it is part of the Windows Live service group.

By 2016, Hotmail is available in 107 different languages, including English, Spanish, French and Chinese. has about 3 billion visits per month, in which 17% come from the United States.

15 features of Hotmail/

  1. Security

    Finally, the class-A security function (A-level) has been established in Windows Live Hotmail.   After the security feature has been extended, HTTPS will be brought to Hotmail throughout the use, which means even when logging and browsing (reading/sending) email. has promised to keep the users’ privacy. Outlook also does not scan email or attachments in order to take any advertising information or private conversations.

  2. Able to view , edit & share Office Docs

    Now you can access free Microsoft Office application to view, edit and share office documents without downloading it to your computer. All you need to do is sending any document or PowerPoint presentation to your own email address. Therefore, you can open those documents at anytime, that are because your documents are now available on Hotmail Cloud, then you do not need to use a computer to access it.

    You also can view and amend presentations on Office Web application. After you have saved changes, it will automatically be stored on Skydrive. You can run the presentation slides without installing Office on your computer.

  3. Real-time Documents cooperate 

    If your friends or colleagues and you want to work on the same document at the same time, so you can do it easier by using new updated Hotmail version.

    Click on the file which currently appears on Skydrive of the sender in order to view it online. While editing, you can see the number of editor doing editing the file on the bottom left hand side. You also can check all changes immediately made by other team members.

  4. OneClick Filter.

    A selective One Click Filter of emails has been introduced in the new Hotmail version, which allows you to filter email with social networking updates, emails from regular contacts and group easily.

  5. Active views

    When someone giving you video links, Flickr photos….in email, in order o view them, you need to open the link to a new window of your browser. However, new Hotmail automatically recognizes the link, additional description and thumbnail pictures and allows you viewing videos directly on email interface. Similarly, you also can view Flickr picture and even can view a slideshow from your inbox. It recognises tracking numbers, postal services and shows all related information. Besides that, you can accept the Linkedin invitations without accessing its website.

  6. Quick views

    If you only want to check the emails which having images, you can quickly filter those emails by clicking “Photos” on the left side. Similarly, you can click into “Documents” in order to viewing all messages and attachments.

  7. Sending large files

    The combination between Hotmail and Skydrive makes it is possible to send large files up to 10GB in one email. The files saved on Skydrive service can be stored at 25GB-free storage space. When sending large files (documents or images, file zip,…) via email, the recipients only receive an url (a link) of the files. The recipients do not necessary to have an account on Skydrive in order to download them; click in the link is all they need to do.

  8. Sending and view images

    You can attach the number of image files in your mail . All the uploaded images into Skydrive and recipients will be received a link, which allows you to watch a slideshow of interactive images , download them (no Windows Live ID required) as well as able to leave comments (Windows Live ID needed).

  9. Edit & Reply

    If you or your colleagues send a document that is need some amendments and re-send it. Normally you have to download that document to a computer then making amendments, attach and then resend it.  

    All those steps are time consuming, new Hotmail feature allows you to edit document online. Before editing, it will automatically copy documents into your Windows Live Skydrive account. The online Word version looks like Microsoft Word and it will not affect the edited document format.
  10. View the conversations

    If you have conversations with your friends in a number of topic by email, which eventually send to various persons. Now you want to view all of those conversations in one place, this is possible in Hotmail with a new option “conversation”

    Click “Arrange By” on the right side (under the searching box) and choose “Conversation” from the drop down list, allow you to view all conversations. Moreover, when you read those messages, it presents the whole history of date and time of the conversations.

  11. Autocomplete search

    In order to search for a mail effectively, Hotmail has been added Search Autocomplete. Type the needed keywords and it automatically suggests the useful results.

  12. View the conversations

    If you have conversations with your friends in a number of topic by email, which eventually send to various persons. Now you want to view all of those conversations in one place, this is possible in Hotmail with a new option “conversation”

    Click “Arrange By” on the right side (under the searching box) and choose “Conversation” from the drop down list, allow you to view all conversations. Moreover, when you read those messages, it presents the whole history of date and time of the conversations.

  13. Remove Spam

    Hotmail divides spam into 2 types: “Spam” and “Gray mail” (newsletters and other marketing programs and promotions). The filter system goes through new spam of Hotmail based on IP Address filter, which works very efficiently.

    It works rely on the interaction of the users with their emails. If the users always place an email into “Trash” folder without reading afterwards, then Hotmail will consider it as “Grey mail” and block it in the future.

  14. Sweep

    You can manage a messy inbox by using this feature. If you receive a daily message that you do not need, all you have to do is selecting that email, click “Sweep” then “Move all from…” or “Delete all from…”.  You can opt to “Also move future mails” to confirm that mail will not to be sent in to your inbox in the future.

  15. Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

    If using phone to surfing emails, you can use the advantage of Hotmail ActiveSync. It helps synchronising emails, calendar and contacts between mobile and web. That means any changes on your email (read/delete email) will be automatically appear on web. It is similar to IMAP function.

You can disable automatic sign in Hotmail by following the steps below. Please follow the instruction step by step

Inbox for Hotmail is one of Android apps, helping you manage Microsoft email accounts such as Hotmail, Livemail, and email. This app is able to synchronize with Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL Gmail, and other email services.

Firstly, checking junk mail folder the Outlook mail inbox. Sign in Choose Junk Mail.

OneDrive is one private virtual place to save your documents and pictures. You will be given 5 GB free storage for each Outlook account. Thus, regardless what device you are using, you could find it convenient to find your data in  either your computer or a mobile device. The bellowing is the most common activity that users could do with OneDrive Drag and drop your files from your computer to

Sometimes, you unintentionally deleted several important emails in Outlook. Don’t worry; you could restore these emails with the following simple instructions. Firstly: Sign in via the website . Choose the "Deleted Items" folder.

Create an event in hotmail: After logging in your outlook account, you just need to follow several simple steps. Choose "Setting” and then "Calendar".

After using your hotmail account, you want to log out for its securities. This article will help you to log out from Hotmail (outlook) account on a web Brower, android, or IOS. Sign out hotmail on a web Browser. Step 1: Open, then log in your account. Click on our profile picture or your username in the right corner as described

You want to change your profile picture, let’s follow these below steps: Step 1: Log in, using your current username and password. You will be prompted to the Outlook homepage. There are your email options on the left and personal details on the right. Click on your username, you will see a number of preset setting options.

These steps will help walk you through the process of changing your timezone settings in Hotmail /

What is an email safe senders list in Hotmail? The safe sender list as white list, is a list all email you want to receive that don't via filter. You can manage your safe senders list and update it on your liking. By default, the email from email address you add to Safe senders list, it will didn't moved to junk email folder.   How to add a contact to your safe senders list in


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