Outlook.com won't let me send an email

To help anti-spam and reduce the junk email you receive, Outlook.com limits number type of email that you can sand. If you are having trouble in sending email, here’s a few method support:


You are sending message too limit in daily.

To stop spammers, Outlook.com limits the number of messages that can send in one day. On the mobile devices have daily limits lower on the computer devices. When you receive a message that you are reached limit in day, you can save your email in item Draft and send it the next day. You can also  Increase your message limits.

On your mobile device, when you receive this message, you click close the message. Then you will receive a notification ask “you want to save of delete the message". Choose Save. Then you can go to Outlook.com on computer, open item Draft and send it.

On your computer, when you receive this message, choose Save to save message in Draft, and you can send it the next day.


You are adding too many receivers in an email.

Outlook.com limits number receiver you can add in an email. If you exceed the limit, a notification the error will send for you, you can know how many receiver you can add to this message. You need remove some receiver then try send again. You can also  Increase your message limits.


Your activate junk email filters.

Outlook.com will block the email when the contents look the same junk email. Some time, legitimate email may be marked as junk. If your email is blocked, you try change the content of email then send it again. You can also Increase your message limits.


Increase your message limits.

When you verify your account, you will have sending email limits increase. So you should verify your account when you create an account. If you haven’t verified account, you can do:

1. Go to Add a phone page. 

2. Choose Country code  and enter your Phone number. Then click Send code.

3. Then enter code and click Submit.


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