Outlook.com supports share large files with OneDrive

OneDrive helps you maintain and share images and pictures on the internet. You could also share a large amount of document files to others using OneDrive or access your document files in any devices that uses Microsoft oneDrive.

Once you have an Outlook account, you will be given a 15GB free storage online in OneDrive store document and picture files.

How can I send large files via Hotmail?

After singing in at outlook.com, the user only needs to take a few simple steps in order o send large files. Go to Setting, and then click OneDrive:

  1. Click on App launcher in the upper left of your mailbox.

  2. Choose OneDrive.

  3. Upload the files

  4. After uploading, choose the files -->Share the files

  5. The users can share the files to more than one receiver

  6. The sharing setting can restrict the receiver:  Recipients can only view or Recipients can edit.

  7. The final step is clicking the close button and sends the files. In order to repeatedly sending the same large files, the user is no longer required to upload all the files. Compose a new message, and then click Share from OneDrive

  8. Choose and open the sharing files

  9. Finally, insert the mail and send



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