How to fix the Windows Live Mail having problem in sync ( Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN)

Find out how to fix the Windows Live Mail having problem in sync  ( Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN). You are able to synchronise in the Microsoft Outlook account without having any troubles by installing the POP3 or IMAP into the sever configuration.

Some email users such as Hotmail, Outlook, Live and MSN have been struggling to use the Windows Live Mail to synchonise because of stopping using the synchronous DeltaSync protocol. Do not be worried, Microsoft will not disable any services; they just upgrade it to Exchange ActiveSync protocol leads to the Windows Live Mail stops syncing your accounts and gives the error notification. If it occurred, this instruction below will help you to solve it out.

How can you recognise this problem?

For some people using the Windows Live Mail on desktop that connects to the accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, Windows live and MSN and not having any problems until all the accounts on Windows Live Mail suddenly stopped working and was unable to sync in again.

When the error occurs, a Windows Live Mail’s voice mail will appear showing an error messenger:“Some error occurred while processing the requested tasks.
Please review the list of error below for more details”.

Under that error tab, you will notice an error message:”Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail your email Id account. Error code/ID: 0x8008488E7″.

Even now you have not met that error yet but latter or sooner, it will appear as long as Microsoft is going to upgrade all the Microsoft accounts in favour of synchronising Exchange Active Sync protocol.

In another hand, some people think it is so complicate, why they don’t establish a Windows Live Mail having Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) supported directly. The fact is Microsoft has been trying to release an updated Windows Live Mail for supporting EAS; yet, it was out of the plan and made many errors for the Windows Live Mail users. Therefore, Microsoft recently will directly upgrade all accounts in order to supporting EAS protocol .As a result, Windows Mail Live will stop synchronising all the emails with Hotmail or other Microsoft accounts unless you have Add POP3/IMAP Protocol in Windows Live Mail.

How to fix problems

To fix the synchrony of Windows Live Mail with Hotmail, Live, Outlook and other accounts of Microsoft, you will need to add Microsoft accounts into Windows Live Mail using POP3 or IMAP protocols. Moreover, you also have to eliminate all existing accounts on Windows Live Mail.

The instruction below details all the steps on how to supplement Microsoft account with POP3/IMAP protocols in Windows Live Mail.

  1. Access program Windows Live Mail, open tab ‘Accounts’. Then click  ‘Email’ under the tab ‘Accounts’

  2. A Windows Live Mail dialog box will pop up, you will require to fill some compulsory information such as Microsoft email address, password, display name

  3. Click ‘Remember this password’ if you wish

  4. Scroll down to the end and click “Manually configure server settings”.  Then ‘Next’ to continue.

  5. Next, you can see some options for configure sever settings. Opt to the settings listed below

    POP3 Protocol Settings

    Incoming server information

    • Server Type : POP3
    • Server Address: (Port:  995)
    • Logon User Name : Your Windows Live ID ( Microsoft account email ID)

    Outgoing Server Information

    • Server Address: (port 25).
    • Requires a secure connection SSL (Yes/Check)
    • Requires Authentication (Yes/Check)

    IMAP Protocol Settings

    Incoming server information

    • Server Type: IMAP
    • Server Address: (Port:  993)
    • Logon User Name: Your Windows Live ID ( Microsoft account email ID)

    Outgoing Server Information

    • Server Address: (port 25).
    • Requires a secure connection SSL (Yes/Check)
    • Requires Authentication (Yes/Check)



    After getting done all required information, click the ‘Next’ button and your email account has been complemented with chosen protocol. Finally, you can make a double check if there any synchrony problems incurred.

    Besides that, if you are using Window 10 or Window 8/8.1, you also can make use of Official Mail app which works well and does not have any problems.




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